Evangelism through connections


In recent years, I have been serving not only at my church in Matsudo but also at Kuki church in Saitama prefecture. Just the other day, a member of Kuki church who is a doctor gave us a donation towards Akagi Camp. My wife and I attended the camp, which was held August 15-17, 2018, at Akagi Bible Campsite. The event, specifically, was called Covenant Refreshing Camp (CRC).

We were joined by another member of our church (IBF), along with an American man who had visited IBF’s Friday service not long ago.  This American brother had been introduced to IBF by a missionary living at Akagi Camp. He now wished to visit the campsite and spend more time with this missionary. So he and his girlfriend served served as kitchen volunteers at the camp.

We can engage in evangelism anywhere. Whether through monetary contributions, introducing churches, or serving at churches and camps, these various forms of ministry are valuable and needed for evangelism.

Not long ago, we received short-term mission workers who helped at IBF. A brother from France and a sister from Ireland ran programs at our church this summer, which was a great blessing. And thanks to the France connection, my wife and I will have a chance to visit churches in France and Belgium later this year.

In my own ministry, I find that performing wedding ceremonies is another possible avenue for evangelism. I believe that God works for good in all our situations. On our part, we should make the most of our lives for God. My life, I believe, is a part of God’s greater story.