Worship services on March 29, 2020

After 3 weeks of break, IBF worship services will commence again on March 29, 2020.

In light of the new coronavirus, we will have a shorter service and take necessary precautions while meeting, such as proper sanitizing.

If you feel unwell, or do not have your family’s approval to attend, or have been told by your school/company to refrain from group events, or are in doubt about whether to attend, feel free to refrain from attending. Attending is a personal decision, so please choose what you have prayed and have peace about.

This Sunday’s services (both the morning and afternoon services) will be only one hour of quiet prayer, worship, and Word. We will pray for our families and the nation during this troubled time.

We will conduct a combined Sunday School class for any children who come. If you are staying home, please do also join us in spirit to pray.