Worship service schedule from April 25 onwards

On April 20, the cities of Matsudo and Kashiwa were added to the list of areas for stricter Covid-19 prevention measures. At the recent IBF Board meeting, the board members decided we will continue holding worship services, while being careful to take every precaution.

We will continue holding worship services at IBF building as we have been doing: 1st Sunday service (starting at 11:00am), which will be live-streamed on Zoom; the 2nd Sunday service (starting at 1:47pm); and, the Friday service (starting at 11:00am). Holy Communion will also be conducted, with thorough precautions to prevent spread of infection.

We ask for your cooperation in continuing to take careful measures against infection such as preventing crowded rooms and close contact. Now, with the growing spread of infection, we ask that those who are concerned about risk of infection to refrain from attending church physically. If you are able to join us through Zoom for the Sunday morning live-stream, please do so.

The weekly sermons will continue to be uploaded on this website. We encourage those who are unable to attend services to make use of this resource. We can also send you a printed copy of the sermon if you would prefer that.

If Covid conditions continue to worsen and Tokyo declares a state of emergency with Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa prefectures included, then IBF will conduct Zoom-only services once again, with no physical meetings. Announcements will be made on this website in that event.

Thank you for your cooperation.

IBF Board,

April 20, 2021